We are at the dawn of a cultural shift, whereby social networking is happening in reverse: meeting new people online before interacting in person. Social networking platforms are being used to dis-cover and connect with people beyond our network — they are working in reverse.

Online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ connected us with the people in offline social circles, those whom we have worked with, our colleagues, acquaintances, friends from school, university… they connect us to our present and keep us up-to-date with our past. By connecting us with people we wouldn’t otherwise know, reverse social networks promise to expand our social network exponentially.

Scheduit ( has embraced the future of social networking by connecting you with compatible matches outside your network. The web-based app takes advantage of the rules of re-verse social networking and facilitates the introduction between two people who wouldn’t otherwise know one another. It is designed to match you with compatible partners based on your interests, skills and endorsements to make sure you meet the right people.

Thanks to its unique match-making algorithm, Scheduit is ideal for business professionals, entrepreneurs and startups who want to maximise their time abroad by scheduling meetings with people sharing a similar vision and creative spirit. The app uses a geographical mapping system to let you know where the people you are matched with are located and the text-chatting interface allows you to plan meetings with your matches anywhere in the world.

The hundreds of Facebook friends you have are people you nowadays probably barely even speak to, let alone meet and exchange life stories with. Your social networks were once your go-to plat-form for sociality, but now, they are nothing but a mere catalogue of faces reminding you of all the successful networking ventures you’ve been on.

Scheduit is the reverse. With its intelligent matching algorithm coded using machine-learning concepts, Scheduit ensures you’re not wasting valuable time networking with professionals you’re not compatible with. So if you’re looking to expand your network, announce your presence on and be part of the networking revolution.

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