Productivity secrets business travellers take for granted

Being productive while on the road is not just about working hard, but working smart. When you’re away from home and out of your comfort zone, adjusting to change often leads to a reduction in productivity levels. It’s not easy for our bodies to get accustomed to different timezones, climate, and to accept that we have to spend time away from our loved ones.

Given these difficult conditions, what do you do to be productive?

  • STAYING SANE — Your head is about to explode. Not only are you jet lagged and overwhelmed by the language and the weird customs, but also jumping from one meeting to the next. Stop for a minute. Breathe. Break down each job and focus on one task at a time. Stress kills productivity and the feeling overwhelmed will tear you apart. Setting aside 15 minutes to focus on breathing and reflection can help reduce stress levels. Studies have demonstrated that people who practice mindfulness tend to be happier and more productive, leading to greater success in their careers.
  • STAYING AHEAD OF THE NEWS — You’re the kind of person who appreciates a good story; you are constantly skimming through the news pages to be the first to know what’s breaking in your field. Scheduit ( is a strategic networking app that also provides you with a news aggregator service to ensure you’re always one step ahead. Using public profile information from social networking sites such as Linked, the app curates the most trending news headlines in your industry to provide you with the most intelligent way of knowing what’s happening.
  • STAYING ORGANISED — No matter how good you feel about multitasking, we all know it’s a productivity killer. Checking twitter while preparing a presentation, drafting a proposal while chatting on Facebook – we’ve all been there. But this is more likely to see both tasks being accomplished in a longer time and at a reduced quality. Shut down all your social media. Instead, use networking apps like Scheduit to help you organise business meetings, without cluttering your calendar. For all your other jobs, write lists, group similar tasks together and prioritise. If you’re inundated, delegate with your trusted team-mates.
  • STAYING FIT — Although you’re feeling drained after a series of meetings, your body has been sedentary all day and needs to release its energy. And even if you’re not the sporty type, a few minutes on the treadmill while away on business will give your body a boost. Try it out, and see for yourself! After a couple of minutes of exercise your body will release endorphins which trigger positive feelings and allow you to be more productive. Just like you wouldn’t miss a business meeting, dedicate a couple of minutes to your exercise routine each morning and don’t miss it for any reason.

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