Business meetings come in all forms and sizes: there are the casual business lunches, the last-minute gathering of a couple of colleagues, the overcrowded boardroom meetings… but whether or not the outcome of such meetings is beneficial is often a cause of debate.

Meetings are often portrayed as a double-edged sword, perceived as the key to productivity by some and soul-sucking by others. The secret lies in the planning: Meetings without a clear objective or agenda will be a complete waste of time and resources.

Here’s how to use the right resources to maximise on business meeting productivity:

1) Justify reason for meeting: What is the intended outcome? Meetings without a goal are bound to be a waste of time, because no one knows what’s going on or what is expected of them. The person who called the meeting should be responsible to issue a notice with time, place, agenda and list of people attending, including a list of objectives. Every successful meeting should start with a purpose and end with a concrete plan of action.

2) Invite only people you need: Being in a meeting with too many people is known to be less productive, since each person’s responsibility is divided and everyone will assume someone else will perform tasks at hand. Those present at the meeting need to have a role assigned and ideally have helped prepare the agenda.

3) Plan for the right logistics: Meeting location reflects a lot on the level of productivity of the meeting. Is there enough light? Do you need a white board or projector? Plan for a quiet and comfortable area which is accessible to as many participants as possible. Make sure the place is equipped with a free Wi-Fi connection and plenty of power sockets to keep gadgets fully charged.

4) Use Scheduit: For impromptu business meetings while on the road, use the web-based net-working platform that was created to maximise your time between business meetings. If you’re travelling on business with plenty of idle time to kill, Scheduit will hook you up with people you are compatible with based on your interests, background and the skills you’ve been endorsed with.

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