Imagine you’re at a conference, surrounded by suits, ties and shiny shoes. The first person you connect with is the one in front of you upon registration. You talk about the weather, the awesome facilitates of the hotel you’re staying at, your educational background until… there’s that awkward pause – the sound of your drowning efforts at successful networking.

Networking may be daunting, but it shouldn’t be, not in the digital age when there’s an app for practically anything. Scheduit is the perfect place to start making networking events count. Gone are the days when you flutter around conference halls, aimlessly, looking for bait. With Scheduit on your phone, you will be able to meet the right people and potential business partners without having to go through the hellish small-talk.

Scheduit works just like a dating app, but it’s targeted towards entrepreneurs and businesses looking to organise meetings anywhere in the world. By taking information from your social media profiles -such as LinkedIn- then guiding you through an intelligent, quick, and easy to follow sign up process, Scheduit will hook you up with people you are compatible with based on your interests, background and the skills you’ve been endorsed with. The app is already taking networking to the next level and sets out to become a game-changer when it comes to networking events.

In today’s world, the popular mantra “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is valid more than ever. Leaving it to chance, hoarding business cards or twitter accounts won’t necessarily get you that sales lead or career lead. The key to making networking events count is in pre-scheduling meetings with the right people. Working on these relationships will take you and your professional advancement a long way.

Don’t miss out on the best networking opportunities by sticking around, talking to the wrong people. When we are spending most of our days online reading news, doing research and speaking to our loved ones on messenger apps, why not save our business and schedule meetings online, too? Do yourself a favour and economise on time and resources. Download Scheduit and you could meet your potential business partner on an app in your cell phone, and organise your meetings with like-minds anywhere in the world.

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