You’ve got the perfect idea! It’s the product the market has been craving for, but, you’re still not ready to share your brainchild with the rest of the world. What’s stopping you?

Before taking your idea a step further, you would like to have a fellow confidant, a trusted business partner who shares your same goals and aspirations to mother your idea and see it to complete fruition.

Finding the perfect business match relies on the same rules as dating. Your business partner would ideally be someone who complements your way of thinking, someone who can help you carry the burden without being the one causing it. Both of you should inspire and challenge each other. Basically, he must be the Robin to your Batman.

Where do you find your business soulmate? Here’s how to maximise your chances of meeting The One:

  • Attend Meetups: Connect with likeminded people in a relaxed environment. With the right amount of team building workshops and beer, these kinds of events are a networking heaven. If you’ve hit it off with someone, don’t feel obliged to wave good bye and hold off until the next session (which could be a month away) — go to the nearest pub and keep feeding your new relationship.
  • Use Scheduit: While there are apps like LinkedIn, which offer a good platform to network, they very often connect you with people already in your network, such as your colleagues, ex colleagues and University course mates. The matchmaking app Scheduit takes you beyond. It acts as a reverse social network and hooks you up with people you are compatible with from anywhere around the world, while allowing you to schedule meetings with them when you’re on the road, saving you time and energy.
  • Help organise conferences: The presenters and panelists are probably key players in your area of expertise, and definitely the people you should be networking with. Most of the time, the best way to get yourself out of the crowd and gain visibility is to be involved in the actual organisation of the conference, either as a host, speaker or volunteer. This way, you would be doubling your chances of meeting your business soulmate because not only will you be creating connections, but also while working together on a specific task. When the conference is over, don’t forget to hook up on Scheduit!

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