A blessing in disguise – Scheduit responds to LinkedIn API restrictions

When LinkedIn announced it would be restricting its application programming interface (API) to third-party developers back in February, we had to come up with a solution — fast.

Back then, our web-based networking app Scheduit relied solely on public profile information available on LinkedIn. And to overcome LinkedIn’s decision, we came up with a new strategy.

We had to revise the entire matchmaking algorithm since the amount of data we could now analyse through LinkedIn was very limited for our app to work effectively. We redesigned the sign-up process to a more interactive one, giving the user more control. Basically, this was a big-data problem. We restructured our back-end to store, filter and process data more efficiently, giving the user a more engaging, but quicker experience.

Users are now more empowered and input their profile data as part of the app’s sign-up process instead of automatically borrowing information from LinkedIn.

In hindsight, LinkedIn’s decision was a blessing in disguise.

Scheduit is the only networking tool on the market that measures professional compatibility and previously required information from LinkedIn for it to work effectively.

Our web-based app was created to help companies get the most out of their business travel ventures by pre-scheduling meetings with the right people before interacting with them in person.

LinkedIn announced its plans back in February 2015 and locked down most of its APIs on May 12.

Scheduit is available for download from the Apple app store (http://apple.co/1ekH5eH) and Google Play (http://bit.ly/1JH5IOK).

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Dr. Kablan is the founder of Scheduit. He's also a data science and fintech expert, lecturer, speaker and very passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

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